Eco-Shelter Inc. is an early-stage company developing ultra-low carbon, cost-competitive roofing and building products.

Our mission is to increase access to affordable and sustainable building materials with a focus on the needs of consumers in emerging markets, 1.6 billion people.

The Eco-Shelter pilot project is fiscally sponsored by Angels For Angels (EIN 27-5180670), a Washington State non-profit whose mission is to support social entrepreneurs. As required by federal tax law, once a donation has been processed, it becomes the property of Angels for Angels, and Angels for Angels has exclusive legal control over the donated funds.  Angels for Angels will make a good faith effort to utilize a gift for the purposes of the project named, however, Angels for Angels reserves the right to re-grant gifts where, in Angels for Angels sole discretion, the recommended project is not furthering its specified charitable purposes or when, for example, such project falls out of compliance with a federal or state regulatory authority.  If Angels for Angels cannot regrant a donation to or for the purposes of a project that you have recommended, Angels for Angels may in its sole discretion select an alternate recipient, expend the funds in furtherance of the intended charitable purpose itself, or contact you for a different recommendation.

Why Roofs?

Why Roofs?

Shelter is a basic human need. Of all of the elements of shelter, the roof is arguably the most important as it provides protection from the sun, rain, and other harsh environmental conditions. A quality roof can offer a sense of security, dignity, and pride in one’s home.

Current options are:


Roofs can become breeding grounds for disease transmitting insects, contain toxic elements such as asbestos, or can make a home so hot it becomes deadly.


Repairing and maintaining a roof of sub-optimal material is time-intensive and can become costly. More durable options come with price tags which are unaffordable for poor households.

and fragile.

The least expensive roofing options leak, corrode, crack, and can even collapse.

Our Product

Our Product


Eco-Shelter’s pilot product, the Eco-Roof Panel, is made from resin-coated bamboo mats that are pressed and sealed to form a strong, lightweight, water- and flame-resistant panel.

Bamboo is a fast growing, carbon-sequestering, renewable resource.

Durable bamboo panels can last for more than 25 years, and their insulative properties and reflective coating keep homes several degrees cooler than metal or asbestos cement alternatives.

This simple solution can have a huge impact.

About Us

About Us

87de10d4-dea5-42d5-8f22-76eaa169b264Eco-Shelter was founded by Alexa Bednarz after spending seven years working in design and delivery of global health products at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Alexa’s interest in roofing began after reading several studies which suggested housing improvements –and roofing in particular– were financial priorities for many low-income households globally. After living and working in New Delhi, India Alexa began to learn more about the housing and roofing issues faced by many low-income Indian families living in informal urban settlements.

Eco-Shelter is supported by dedicated advisors, volunteers, and partners in the U.S. and India lending their technical, financial, legal, and development sector expertise.

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved, please contact us.

Special thanks to our partners and supporters:

Join Us

Join Us

We’re Hiring! 

We are seeking an Industrial Designer to join our Research & Development team. The Industrial Designer will support the design and development of a fastening and attachment system for product applications in India and abroad.

We are looking for a qualified candidate with a strong background in Industrial Design (architecture is a plus) who shares our values of integrity, resourcefulness, and a growth-mindset.

Read our Full Job Description and Apply Here! 

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